NAPA Truck Service Center Member Features & Benefits


With the largest network of heavy duty service centers in the country, it’s no surprise that NAPA Truck Service Centers are what comes to mind when big rig motorists’, fleet business owners, and supply chain operators think of quality installed parts and superior repair servicing.

NAPA Truck Service Center Members choose to partner with us because we provide their heavy duty repair business with the most integrated and value-driven programs, discounts and tools available.

Being a NAPA Truck Service Center means you’re one of the best of the best in your market.

Therefore, in order to enjoy the benefits of membership, we’ve got a few guidelines that must be met in order to be considered eligible for the program.

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  • Independently owned and operated
  • Employ ASE certified technicians
  • Invited by the NAPA Store and make the Store “First-Call” for auto parts
  • Willing to abide by a specific code of ethics
  • Honor the best warranty in the industry

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Drive New and Repeat Business with NAPA Sales Driver Promotions

As an NAPA Truck Service Center member enrolled in this program - you’ll receive access to a unique set of marketing promotions to drive new and repeat business. Promotional discounts and rebates to your customer are either 100% or 75% funded by NAPA and are provided as Instant Savings or Mail-In rebate consumer offers.

This program provides a full 12 months of marketing activity that’s practically done for you! You’ll receive a kit with posters and other printed material along with digital versions that can be downloaded from the NAPA NAPA Truck Service Center member site and customized email blasts for your current customers!

Ready to drive more business with smart promotions?

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Revitalize my shop with NAPA PROimage

Appearance, or image, is what creates that all-important “first impression” for your customers. In fact, it strongly influences their awareness of your shop and even their buying decisions. That’s why NAPA AutoCare offers PROimage, a program devoted entirely to helping members design their dream shops.

What’s more is the overwhelming return on their investment. After completing their make-overs, those same NAPA Truck Service Centers reported increased sales and profits.

Ready to take your shop’s curb appeal to the next level?

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Provide 24/7 Access and Convenience with the NAPA AutoCare Custom App

Maximizing convenience and staying connected to your customers is easy with the free NAPA AutoCare App.

This customizable app gives NAPA NAPA Truck Service Center members 24/7 access to:

  • Personalize Shop Information
  • Receive Customer Appointment Requests
  • Send Push Notifications
  • Respond to Customer Feedback
  • Display Available Services and Special Offers

NAPA NAPA Truck Service Center member customers sync up to your shop and can utilize over 30 features like:

  • File Service History Documents
  • View Recommended Maintenance
  • Ask My Technician
  • Find My Car
  • Accident Reporting and Emergency Contact Info
  • And much more!

Ready to take your shop anywhere at the click of a button?

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Train my Technicians through NAPA Autotech

NAPA NAPA Truck Service Center members have access to over 1600 technical and service sales classes through the Schedule My Success subscription program. For 1 low monthly fee, the entire shop can attend.

Bonus: By subscribing, NAPA NAPA Truck Service Center members receive free and unlimited access to NAPA Autotech eLearning, with over 200 training modules.

Ready to begin using the best Technician Training program in the country?

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Provide Financing Solutions with the NAPA EasyPay Credit Card

Offering financing flexibility is essential for shops that wish to compete in today’s high pressure marketplace. NAPA NAPA Truck Service Center members enrolled with NAPA EasyPay are able to provide an easy financing solution with no monthly fee!

Your customers will receive instant credit approvals, 6-month deferred interest financing options on $199 or more, 12-month deferred interest financing options on $750 or more and 36 Month/36,000 mile Peace of Mind® Warranty.

Ready to provide the NAPA EasyPay Credit Card?

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Educate and Engage my Customers: NAPA Service Assistant / Digital Lobby TV / Digital Menu Board / Websites from NetDriven

1. With NAPA Service Assistant they’ll never say: “Let me think about it” again!

Personalized with your business name, the NAPA Service Assistant website gives your customers the information they need to say “Yes” to needed services and repairs. It comes “fully furnished” with: articles, animations and videos designed to educate customers about your recommended repairs. Able to be viewed in the shop during the point of sale, this technology lets you easily click and share its subject – specific information on social media and your business’ main website. Integrate your special offers, enhance your direct mail campaigns or create quick links back via a custom created QR code – it’s all included with the NAPA Service Assistant.

2. With Digital Lobby TV take control of your Lobby Area.

Tired of customers watching your competitor’s commercials or other inappropriate content on your shop’s lobby TV?

Rest easy with NAPA’s Digital Lobby TV and provide quality programming that blends a perfect mix of positive entertainment and automotive educational segments for your customers. Take it further and upload your marketing promotions, ads, videos, branding and more.

3. Take your Shop to the Future – Today. All with the NAPA Digital Menu Board

Tomorrow’s technology is here NOW! With the easy-to-use Digital Menu Board, you can educate and inform your customers on preventative maintenance and repair using 3D animations. Plus, you can change pricing and services on the fly!

Actual NAPA AutoCare tests have shown that 1 out of 5 consumers ask for a repair or service that they’ve seen on the board. Targeted promotions also had double-digit increases. Give your shop a polished, professional and modern look with Digital Menu Board communications.

4. Power your Website – Boost Performance – Grow your shop. Only from NetDriven.

With millions of consumers searching online to find a local auto repair shop – 89% are using their smartphones – so you can’t afford to be left behind with an unresponsive and dated website. NAPA AutoCare has partnered with NetDriven to provide members with a custom solution based on your shop’s needs and business goals.

Benefits include:

  • Free professionally designed website
  • Mobile and Tablet Responsive
  • Over 100+ online directory listings
  • Local Search Engine Optimization to maximize website traffic
  • and much more!

Ready to educate and engage your clients like never before?

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Develop my Business with a NAPA Business Development Group

A great way to grow your business is to partner with other quality NAPA Truck Service Center members in your area. NAPA helps connect like-minded shops develop a local team called Business Development Groups, in communities all across the country. Group members work together to promote a strong market presence through: charity events, joint marketing initiatives, scheduled training seminars, group member websites and more.

Ready to enhance your business through local relationship building?

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Streamline vehicle inspection processes using Digital Vehicle Inspection

Say goodbye to hard-to-read, handwritten vehicle inspection reports.

Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI), uses a digital, Apple or Android tablet-based technology to help NAPA NAPA Truck Service Center members boost tech productivity and increase average repair order amounts.


By streamlining the Vehicle Inspection process, DVI saves our customers’ time. By providing automatic prompts, DVI also leads technicians to find more needed service opportunities. To top it all off, DVI enhances the service report final presentation to your customers and saves time from trying to decipher handwritten scribble.

Ready to increase vehicle inspection accuracy and wow your clients?

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Reinforce Trust through NAPA AutoCare’s National Peace of Mind® Warranty

The Over the Road Warranty is valid outside a 100-mile radius. This coverage increases to 12 Months/ Unlimited Mileage when consumers pay for qualifying services and repairs with their NAPA EasyPay credit card.

Ready to reinforce the quality of your repairs with the best warranty in the country?

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Measure Shop Management Performance using: NAPA TRACS, PROLink & Labor Profit Management

When it comes to shop management, estimating or technical information, NAPA TRACS has been the industry leader for over 25 years. NAPA NAPA Truck Service Center members are eligible to receive up to a $1000 savings on a NAPA TRACS shop management or technical information system. NAPA TRACS streamlines workflow, provides a powerful new interactive scheduling calendar, offers multi-shop management options and more.

Looking for an efficient way to accurately identify vehicles, search and order NAPA parts to keep your bays turning. NAPA PROLink is free for members and constantly being updated with new features and enhancements to streamline your estimating and parts ordering process.

Unsure how unproductivity is affecting your bottom-line? Is your shop tech-heavy or thinking about opening a new shop? Wonder no longer with Labor Profit Management’s state-of-the-art reporting system. See exactly how efficient your teams are for every shift, every day.

Ready to make your shop management process a well-oiled machine?

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Hire Shop Talent – NAPA AutoCare Talent Network

The search for the best employee is a “big” challenge – especially when the competition is looking just as hard as you!

NAPA NAPA Truck Service Center members are able to post their job opportunities and view job posting responses easily and efficiently – all through the NAPA AutoCare Talent Network. With a library of customizable templates – it’s easy for your opportunity to stand out and bring in interested candidates.

Bonus! It’s exclusive to NAPA Truck Service Centers and doesn’t cost a dime.

Ready to find the employee that will change your operation?

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Personalize and Automate Marketing Initiatives: CRM Partnerships /Gift Card Mailer / Direct Mail / Email Marketing Services

Nothing enhances the customer experience like sending customized communications to them - directly from your shop.

Whether you’re reaching out in your community, sending out a “Happy Birthday special offer” surprise, or keeping customers informed about your latest promotions; NAPA NAPA Truck Service Center members have access to a variety of Client Relationship Management providers that help automate much of the “work” for you.

A few include: Mitchell1, DemandForce, Constant Contact, and NAPA’s own CRM; MechanicNet.

Mudlick Mail and Moving Targets also provide members with streamlined direct mail marketing programs designed to drive business and showcase your shop.

Ready to differentiate your business from the competition and automating your customer relationship process?

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